Who’s handling your shipment

once you’re done handling it?

Donny Dropkick Murphy
Donny “Dropkick”
New Product
Beat up box

Crushed your pallets with a forklift, along with your dreams of a successful $1.5 million product promotion.

They’re out there. That’s why we’re here.

Punishing Paul Pardo
“Punishing” Paul
Shelf Appeal
Broken plate

Rushing to unload the truck before his 3:00 “snacks n’ snores” break, he mutilated your pristine packaging – and the $10,000 worth of goods inside.

They’re out there. That’s why we’re here.

Jenny The Masher Mulroney
Jenny “The Masher”
Green Efforts
water bottles

Not knowing you reduced packaging weight by 25%, routinely piled boxes as high as humanly possibly in the truck.

They’re out there. That’s why we’re here.

Package testing and your bottom line

In this informative one-hour Webinar, Smithers Pira experts discuss the advantages of incorporating a package testing program into your product management process.

Click here to download.

How to damage a package

Check out our
Helpful Tips Manual for Packaging Handling

Learn the tricks used by package punishers to destroy your package. Then read up on how to avoid that damage in the future.

Why is Distribution Testing

Your package will get tested in the field – and your customer will find the damage. Package testing reduces claims, field damage and customer dissatisfaction.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging often means less material and more damage. Our experts can help qualify packaging that’s greener, saves money, and gets your product to the customer intact.

See the benefits of package testing for yourself with our ROI calculator. Plug in your company’s numbers and watch your bottom line improve.